Tomato plants are commonly eaten by these animals.

What animals eat tomatoes РTomatoes arent poisonous so its only natural to wonder what kind of critters could grow on your favorite tomatoes without your permission.

The truth is most animals dont eat tomatoes fresh off the vine or off the bush. However there are some who love tomatoes as a snack and even as part of their regular diet.

H2 What Animals Eat Tomatoes?

H3 Tomato-Eating Group

H3 Local Birds

If you see upside down on your tomatoes sometimes birds are to blame. Indigenous people often try to eat tomatoes. Even if you are a criminal in your area.

You can not plant a garden under a shelter. So there will always be birds. If the tomato shows deep scale or impact damage you can assume it is a beak.

H3 Squirrels

Squirrels are almost like chipmunks. They are quick and portable to complete the plant. They are also notorious for early morning thefts. You may see a few bites of your sweet tomato first thing in the morning

Fake animal figures can be put up to scare the squirrels. However this is not a long-term solution as the spokes adapt and often cause problems.

H3 Chipmunks

Squirrels are generally omnivores. They eat nuts and seeds. In the morning they came for tomatoes and they ate all but the main part. They leave food waste on the plants for further growth.

Squirrels are cute and we love watching them climb trees in our backyard. But if you have a tomato patch near a wooded area this can be a big problem.

H3 Rats

Mice are nocturnal predators. They move to the edges of raised flower beds or garden sheds.

They leave their feces behind when they chase your tomatoes. You can find rodent droppings on the path you used to plant. This way the mice are not killed. You can take it and keep it.

H3 Rabbits

Rabbits are one of the most common animals that eat tomatoes. They are fastidious and regular visitors to your garden.

However rabbits are good eaters because they dont leave grainy edges on tomatoes. However they will visit your garden again and again and finish all the tomatoes in a few days.

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