Reasons To Drink Coffee

Reasons To Drink Coffee. Coffee in general knowledge is a drink from the brewing hot water with coffee beans that have gone through the processing, from drying, roasting and mashing which then becomes coffee grounds.

In general, coffee is divided into 2 varieties that are well-known in the community, namely arabica and robusta. Then there are additions to liberica and excelsa.

The results of the processing of coffee beans into coffee powder in the formation of many drinks are known as milk coffee, black coffee, cappuccino and or latte with the method of adding fresh milk based on foaming milk and milk content included in the presentation.

It is different from the term espresso when it is processed in a place where the seeds are crushed with a tool that is only added with hot water to get a choice of strong coffee beans (strong aromatic coffee blend). And there is also macchiato, with espresso which only adds heated milk foam.

Then there is also the term turkish coffee, whose coffee powder is cooked in a special coffee pot cooker with temperature and the final filtering method to get results similar to espresso.

Serving coffee drinks with the desire for strong coffee blend, commonly used by choosing a selection of coffee beans from Arabica varieties.

In contrast to offerings such as regular black coffee, milk coffee, cappuccino or latte, mocha and mochaccino that uses coffee powder from Robusta varieties.

Coffee can also be served cold at a later stage in the serving beverage that is well known as milkshakes. There are many coffee mixtures with ice cream, and additional flavors such as vanilla and hazelnut flavored syrup. And serving coffee drinks blended with ice cream, oreo biscuits and whipped cream on top.

Coffee powder prepared in sachets also began to be known in the addition of making cookies, bread and cakes. Can be found in many types of food with the taste of coffee today.

Benefits of Coffee

1. Caffeine in coffee can help stimulate the brain’s work.
2. Coffee that is drunk regularly can increase the body’s metabolism.
3. Drinking coffee on a regular basis is very tight with the decrease in type 2 diabetes. Drinking 1-2 small cups per day can stabilize blood sugar in the body so that the condition from pre-diabetes to diabetes can be prevented.
4. Reducing the risk of diseases associated with the work of the brain such as senility, dementia, to Alzheimer’s.
5. Routine consumption of coffee every day can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 40 percent and cirrhosis by 80 percent.
6. Reducing the risk of dying from diabetes. Routine consumption of coffee can reduce the risk of death by 30 percent over a period of 20 years.
7. Coffee contains quite a lot of antioxidants. This substance is always associated with endurance so we do not easily experience pain.

Drinking Coffee With Proper Character

1. Give thanks for the coffee and the nature that has benefits.
2. Avoid adding excessive sugar.
3. Avoid excessive usage of cream and or whipped cream.
4. Avoid drinking coffee above 14.00 – 15.00 in timeline activity if you have a sleep disorder.
5. Balance with enough motion activity.
6. Pay attention to the ingredients of the mixture of making coffee grounds when in the diet, usually commonly mixed with corn flour content. Most people suggest drinking black coffee with less sugar.

Make A Coffee Buzz

How to make delicious stunning coffee ?
In most surveys, good coffee can make us focus at work, no headache, no stomach ache, typical scent of nice aroma.

For things to not get dizzy so often especially for women who when in menstrual period that usually felt more dizzy and had stomach disorders, the advice that can be given to all age groups is as soon as possible to wake up from sleep rest, drink a glass of water. At least 1 hour before bedtime closes the day’s activities, so is the same – drink water.

Then, no stomach ache when it comes to drinking coffee at first is to pay attention to yourself: whether you have digestive disorders such as stomach acid and or stomach ulcers. If so, then don’t drink much coffee. Only 1 glass a day is enough for black coffee, keep away to not be as active as smoking cigarettes. This is due to the fact that certain types of coffee plus cigarettes can reduce appetite. So that stomach problem with drinking coffee time can get balanced. The recommended coffee is still black coffee, if added to milk or creamer is like adding acidity.

For this type of coffee stirring, what really needs to be considered is the standard water with boiling temperatures.

In the type of mix coffee that is aromatic and strong blend and feels the “this is coffee dude” mostly found in the type of arabica robusta, choose the coffee beans of best choice and are old enough in the passage pick time. Note the age of endurance and expiry advice, in the case of being bought into a powder or still in the form of finely ground coffee beans themselves.

The Most Choices Of Coffee Making

● Kopi Tubruk
Coffee of most people in Indonesia itself, the most famous one is “Kopi Tubruk”. Black coffee that is cooked only with hot water without sugar. Whose sugar is recommended not to be used and added after the coffee is finished cooking. Only then, sugar can be added while serving in a state of coffee smoke like clouds and the water is still hot.
This lump of coffee grounds ( the pulp) remains at the bottom container in a cup or glass or mug. This habit is due to keep maintaining the aromatic taste of coffee and increasingly feels the strong blend till the drop end.

For those who like coffee beans that “taste it is coffee”, they are usually very concerned about the type of water they use when making. Lots who like to use the specific brand of water bottled which according to him can bring out the flavor of coffee called strong aromatic blend coffee.

This water is up to its availability as long as the water is clear, healthy, does not smell weird and there is no taste. Cooked with sufficient boiling temperature.

For some opinions who like clean coffee for healthier reasons, coffee grounds should not be cleaned. Can be filtered with a sieve, using a cloth sieve usually for effective filtering results. Now you can find drip coffee with filters in online stores at affordable prices.

However, it’s no longer a “Kopi Tubruk” if there is no pulp.

The method of cooking brewed coffee is almost the same as Turkish coffee. The difference is the coffee is brewed and cooked in and clean with no pulp in the mug.

● Coffee Milk
Number 2 in the most choice is the coffee milk. This coffee drink is simply an example in Indonesia, only hot coffee brewed with fresh cow’s milk, fresh goat milk that boiled first. Still with preserving the coffee pulps and drinks without sugar.

Then in its development, adding sweetened condensed milk, formula milk powder and even liquid milk.

In its development, available sachet milk coffee which is widely circulated in grocery stalls and sold in coffee shops.

For this type of cold coffee, sachet coffee milk is made for those who like it only with ice cubes.

In the era of modern names, also known as americano. A mug of black coffee in a serving presentation, which is warm or cold of cow’s milk, liquid creamer or sugar is added by the coffee drinker himself.

● Coffee Creamer
Basically this one coffee brew is a modernization model. Where the cooking method is the same as brewed coffee but without coffee grounds. That is more alike than americano. The presentation is hot, with a liquid creamer in the beginning. Which then there is a powder of creamer available in the store.

An electric brewed coffee machine for making coffee without pulp with the availability of the filter for home-scale coffee cooking can be found in online stores.

When using existing tools at home, all that is left is to just cook it like brewed coffee by filtering it and then just add the creamer and or sugar.

Besides being served at hot warm temperature, coffee creamer can also in cold condition just add ice cubes. Hazelnuts, vanilla sugar syrup you may add to increase the flavor of this coffee cream.

Coffee cream is also available in sachet for easy cooking, and is easy to find in stores.

Fashion Coffee
Fashion coffee is intended by referring to various coffee-based drinks whose terms are booming in the special market of coffee shops.
● Espresso.
This coffee is actually the same principle as the method of cooking brewed coffee, American or turkish coffee which is 90% the size of the cooking coffee with a mug as a serving container.
The difference is required to use a small ceramic cup with a size of 30 ml for a single shot – 60 ml for double shots.
Espresso uses a selection of arabica robusta coffee beans in general, which are crushed in a grinder just before the addition of hot water coffee brewer cooking is done.

The terms of this espresso coffee serving, on the topping of the coffee when it is ripe, emits a creamy brown color in the form of foam from the coffee cooking itself. And no coffee grounds. Taken once a sip without sugar.
● Macchiato
This coffee is actually the same principle as making espresso which is required to use a small ceramic cup with a size of 30 ml for a single shot – 60 ml for double shots.
Espresso – Macchiato also uses selected arabica robusta coffee beans in general, which are crushed in a grinder shortly before adding to the cooking brewer hot water.

The requirements for serving this esato espresso coffee, on the topping of the coffee when it is ripe, emit a creamy brown color in the form of foam from the coffee cooking itself. And no coffee grounds. Coupled with hot cow milk 1-2 tablespoons and hot milk foam added to the topping. Taken once a sip without sugar.
● Cappuccino
The method of making espresso works in principle. With the terms of service using a ceramic mug size 300-350 ml.

The cappuccino is made with a serving requirement of 1/2 of a mug filled with milk and milk foam. 1/3 of the mug size is ripe black coffee from espresso making, 1/3 is hot liquid cow milk, 1/3 foam milk is produced from cooking milk whose foam milk does not burn and break. With the garnish on the milk foam topping, add a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

● Latte
The principle is the same as cappuccino, with the same serving container as a ceramic mug. With the standard contents of the mug, 90% of espresso coffee that has been added by hot liquid cow milk. Garnish only with the addition of foaming milk or whipped cream without chocolate powder as a marker of garnish topping.

Lattes which can generally be served cold by adding ice cubes only.
Considering cappuccino is mostly foam milk with a strong coffee flavored milk.

● Mocha
Mocha is the same as the cooking latte principle, which is only added to cocoa powder. Ceramic mugs at the same standard. Garnish is also the same as foaming milk or whipped cream on the topping.

● Mochaccino
The cooking principle is the same as a cappuccino-style standard serving with the addition of cocoa powder.

Mocha can also be served cold with ice cubes with or without whipped cream, considering that mochaccino has a lot of milk foam.

● Irish coffee (Irish: caife Gaelach)
Is a beverage cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, stirred, and topped with cream. The coffee is drunk through the cream stirring.
In how to make this iconic coffee based mix with whiskey, you may get the recipe by browsing online.

Instead of irish whiskey, for gaining easy and tastier coffee : can use bailey’s.
Classic style is using stirred egg yolk and cognac.

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