Brown eggs only lay brown chicken breeds

As you may or may not know chickens can lay eggs of different colors. From white chocolate to chocolate and everything in between.

Today we will look at chicken breeds that lay brown eggs. You may be surprised to learn that even brown eggs have a full spectrum of colors.

What Type of Chickens Lay Brown Eggs


Wyandottes lay large eggs that are light to medium brown in color. Some birds may have spots on their eggs although the spotting is not consistent from egg to egg.

The Wyandotte is a large beautiful breed that is used for both egg-laying and food birds.


Wellsummer also offers dark brown eggs that are not as dark as Marans but are still good.

The vine lays large dark brown eggs called terracotta in the summer sometimes with black spots that are more reddish brown than maroon.

The Marans

The sorrel is a French breed known for its dark brown egg color. There are many varieties of colored mandarins but the most common in the United States are black copper and cuckoo.

If youre new to chickens and want to add some color to your egg baskets dont be surprised if Merants disappoint you. Most Marys dont turn that dark chocolate color. You will get a darker brown than Rhode Island Red Gold Comet or other brown egg layers.


This breed is known to be very brave and beautiful. Brahma roosters can weigh up to 18 pounds. They are usually playful and lay large light brown eggs.

Brahmas are not the most sedentary of layers – you can expect to lay three or four eggs per week. They are also slow to breed sometimes not laying eggs until they are eight or nine months old depending on the time of maturity throughout the year.

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